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Real Stories

Every weddings are important and different. The morning ritual time before the ceremony is the most important of the day. It is full of intimacy and emotions. I won't change the day, and I don't want to. The story is built like a theater piece: You have few elements that create the perfect story. 


The place:

Every stories I covered and want to cover have a special atmosphere. The place takes an important part of the day. I can't show a day without focusing on the place. 


The time:

It is not easy to imagine a wedding day in pictures wen we can't figure out the time. I just show the time of the day by the light, or some details like clocks or watches. It can be as well when the sun rise or the light is so bright than you can easily imagine it was noon. It is easy to know when it is the evening time.


The MAIN characters:

After presenting the scenery, I can add the characters and put them in the story. Never directly, always introducing the main actors gradually.  



A perfect wedding day in picture is all like a good recipe. It s a good mix between Fine Art and Journalism. It is catching the details that show a true emotion which is never forced ; Capturing the small details you spend so much time and energy to choose for your day. That's something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Achieving this is what motivates me, and why I love what I do. This is my job to care about those details and integrate them to the story.

My foremost goal is to create memorable photographs and a natural experience.


I really figure how to explain my work about four years ago. When I started my job, I could not put words to express my philosophy. If I had to find one word to describe this style it would probably be Drama. But not about sad term, more as a cinematography and very careful on details.

As I love the shadows and emotions, I like to take time to show the body language with strong emotions.

If you wish to see more about how I can imagine and build the story of a wedding day, you can click on the following picture.



I am trying to see you as simple
1. As your are.
2. Always turning around you.
3. I am not into a lot of posing.
4. I prefer to keep it natural.  

I don't want to be the center of the attention and the photographer who needs an hour of your time.
I just want you to spend time with your families and friends.



Wedding Photography Testimonials for Eric-Rene Penoy


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