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How to increase your statistics and page views on your website.
Statistics provided from my own personal photography website from the 11th of October 2017 to the 10th of October 2018.

how to be first in google



How to communicate with your couple from beginning to the end from the first email exchange to the final product delivery.
How to reply to your couple, email answers.
How to talk to your couple on Skype, analyse their needs and answer accurately.
Tools and softwares to increase your potential as an entrepreneur.
How to present yourself and your pricing differently from the crowd.
Prepare your work before, during and after the wedding day.

Organising your work.
Lightroom and Culling ?
All tools for a better and fast editing.
Catalogue and efficiency.
Exporting and sending the full wedding to your couple.

Inspiration from me, Inspiration for you.
How to attract your couple ?
How to increase your SEO and visits.
Website Review.

React at difficulties.
Appropriate communication for Destination Weddings.
Pros and Cons of local and Destination Weddings.
All other subjects you want to talk about.




For the people who prefer face to face and want to spend a full day with me. (Available in English or French).

Full day in Porto is a 8hours personal workshop based on spending time answering all your questions, struggles and expectations.
I will be in touch with you before to organise your questions. You will stay in Porto and face me and ask me directly. It s the best way to learn from me.

If you book a 2 DAYS FULL CLASS IN PORTO, you will have access to 2x 8 hour interactive class on improving your business from Inspirational aspects to proper business strategies. It does also include a live shoot and editing session.

Location: In Porto District. On a Airbnb, Hotel chosen to satisfy your creativity and also create a personal space to surround you by magic.

Airport: Closest airport is Porto Airport, It will be around 30 minutes drive maximum from your stay.

Payments are non-refundable but may be transferred to another person if you decide you can’t attend. You will be responsible for finding a replacement.




For the people who want to increase their businesses. (Available in English or French).

An online one on one session with screen share. You come up with questions and I’ll be happy to cover whatever you’re interested in learning.
What can you learn from me ?

When I started my journey into wedding photography, I did almost everything with instinct, I did not have any clues about how to talk to my clients, how to edit, and mostly how to deal with my work and my life. As my experience grew, I felt like some boxes were ticked, some of them were still in process. I have learned the hard way. It s been such a big challenge but I can say today that the small success I have now is something I have worked on from day one. These expertise was a necessity to grow in my personal and professional life and I am more than happy to share it with you. I don’t have any secrets and I never had.
So please do not be afraid to tell me what the issue you are feeling. A real but deep connection is better while I would have to analyse your struggles and success. Be open as I will. It will be our private conversation.
Let s talk about it sincerely …



Reviewing website are the most important topic to analyse. They are the first appearance of your business and the potential clients will find more about you, your personality. 
I would need a couple of days to scan your strengths and weaknesses. 
Going from Blog Post critics to SEO and communication feedbacks.
Once everything is ready, we can arrange a Skype meeting and talk about all of it.

You can expect to talk about

- Inspiration
- Storytelling
- Blogging
- Perfect Clients
- Branding & Marketing
- SEO critic

(More details please to fill the form)



Feedbacks :

“I met eric at the caldera workshop. He was the first one to approach me and help me improve myself and my work. I learned a lot from Eric. He showed me ways to become better. Thank you very much for all! Your help was valuable and made me a better person and professional.” John K.

“Nothing can describe about my feedback regards the mentoring session with Eric. He’s brilliant, talented, super nice, and he’s helpful. Ask him anything and he will help you. I owe him so much as his help & guidance bring me to where am I now. For me, he’s the best mentor and friend.” Qay M.

“Eric-Rene is incredibly comfortable to work with. He explains and teaches in a very nice way. Is educational, full of care for the customers and for the outside world. His image style is absolutely beautiful. His honest and humble approach to all around makes everyone feel safe and taken care of. Full of good tips to bring back to your own business, and so he has some incredibly important points to take with you to take care of the nature. Do not change nature, leave nothing but footprints ..,
He shares everything he can and does everything to answer any questions you may have. I'm so glad I've been attending workshops with him. You will not regret your participation, he is extremely talented and helpful” Gitte B.

“Eric Rene Penoy, you were the first speaker I met in the Workshop and in a few minutes you surprised me so much with the way you communicate.
I will forever remember how much you give yourself and share everything you know without asking back anything!!! If you really charged in the same amount of proportion what you teach, you would be a rich photographer. And maybe you should because it’s so worthy! You invest so much of your time in keep solving real professional problems and you share it with your heart!
When you let people photograph with your camera, I could see the pleasure you have to share that specific experience of a camera that doesn’t make a sound. Also your unique method on editing has completely changed the way I edit and has forever changed my vision at my work process!
The SEO was something I didn’t know about and if it wasn’t for you I would still be total ignorant. It’s so hard to understand but with your help it’s absolutely getting there! At your photo session you pushed our creativity and let us think in very practical way how to make a storytelling.
It’s amazing how you dominate the camera settings for your dark mystic technique. Basically you share all we need to know if we want to grow in this creative business... like you have no secrets!
The passionate way you talk about your work is absolutely something rare to find! The workshop I met you wouldn’t be the same without! I am forever privilege to have met you. Thank you for being so generous!” Sandie B.

“Except of the talent you have on photography, you have the ability to relax the people you react with, I felt from the first moment like we knew each other a long time ago. you are a kind person, a light among the blackness of the industry these days. I feel thankful for the opportunity to had a workshop with you, and I hope we will meet again in the future.” Thanos R.

Feedbacks (FR) : " De très bon conseils et surtout très pertinents, Eric à l'art d'exposer clairement ses idées et de transmettre ses connaissances naturellement. C'est toujours un plaisir de pouvoir échanger avec lui dans un esprit de bienveillance et de progression constante nécessaire à notre métier . Le SEO est pour beaucoup une nébuleuse, mais grâce à ses conseils aujourd'hui pour moi c'est bien plus clair. Ne pensez pas qu'il fera le travail pour vous, il distribue les outils et les conseils à vous derrière des les utiliser pour faire progresser votre business ! " Lucile V.

“J'ai eu le privilège de bénéficier de ce mentoring et j'en retiens que des choses positives. 
Que ce soit des conseils sur la manière de procéder avec des clients, progresser sur comment faire un storytelling intéressant, ou parler seo. 
Que des bons conseils simple et intéressant.” Kewin C.

“La Formation qui a changé ma façon de penser, la vue des clients et surtout comment développer l'experience des clients.

Eric-René Penoy en partageant simplement ses expériences m'a ouvert les yeux. Je ne saurais jamais comment lui dire MERCI.” David M.

‘‘J'ai eu le privilège d’assister à l'intervention d'Eric-René sur l'édition 2017 du Workshop The Roots. 
Sa conférence fut extrêmement enrichissante, très inspirante au niveau créatif mais aussi très utile à mon business. 
Eric-René est aussi talentueux dans son travail de photographe que dans sa pédagogie et dans sa volonté de partager ses différentes méthodes de travail.
Il a fait partie des personnes grâce auxquelles je me suis remis en question et m'ont permis de réussir en créant un univers qui m'est propre et un business solide. 
Pour cela je lui en suis très reconnaissant. 
Je recommande donc vivement ses qualités de pédagogue, sa gentillesse, sa simplicité, ses compétences en créativité, en création de site web, en SEO et en orientation client. " Mathias C.

“J’ai participé à un workshop avec Eric René. Je voulais un mentorat avec lui, mais il était déjà pris. Peu importe, je l’avais découvert sur un groupe de photographe et je voulais le rencontrer.
Il m’a énormément inspiré dans mon travail. En regardant ses photos, ses lumières, sa façon de raconter les histoires. Déjà j’avais appris beaucoup. Lors de ce wk il est resté avec nous les 4 jours. Je l’ai vue travailler, être à l’écoute, patient. Conseiller dans la bienveillance.
J’ai beaucoup appris en l’observant durant le séjour. Où se portait son regard à lui. M’en a appris sur son approche et son travail . Lors de son intervention, il nous a parlé de ses inspirations à lui. Son histoire personnelle, son cheminant. Toute la sensibilité qu’il y a dans ses photos, est, ce qui fait l’homme qu’il est. J’ai vue un idéaliste de l’amour. Un rêveur, qui rêve d’amour et de partage pour la vie. Je me suis retrouvé dans quelque uns de ses rêves.
Il transmet avec douceur ses conseils. C’est un photographe qui aime partager et enseigner. Mais en nous laissant faire à notre façon. Il m’a appris une chose aussi, en tout cas me l’a montré. Il est courageux, il suit son cœur. Il aime la photo, il aime écrire dans le temps, il aime laisser sa trace. Mais de la bonne façon. C’est un très gros bosseur aussi, je suis, et j’ai été épaté du travail qu’il abat. Entre 2 avions, en fin de journée, pendant les pauses.
C’est fou le travail qu’il accompli en peu de temps. Il gère efficacement et rapidement énormément de choses. Il est un exemple pour moi. Et j’aimerais un jour être à son niveau d’excellence. Voilà, pour moi, Eric rené c’est tout ça. Et bien plus encore que je ne connais pas.” Ludivine L.

“J’ai eu la chance de rencontrer Éric René lors du festival du mariage The Roots. Ce workshop se déroulait sur 3 jours et les intervenants dont Éric René sont restés pendant tout ce temps. J ai donc pu assister à la conférence d Éric René mais aussi le côtoyer pendant les temps off. Il a été l'intervenant, et même la personne, de la formation qui m'a le plus inspiré et émue. Sa conférence m ' a bouleversé.
Non seulement, il a abordé le côté sensible, créatif du storytelling mais il a aussi été très pratico-pratique. Il a été généreux en explications, en exemples et “tips”.
C’est une personne à l écoute et d une bienveillance rare. Il est un expert dans de nombreux domaine notamment informatique.
J’ai énormément appris de mes discussions avec lui. Même après la formation il reste toujours accessible et prompt à la discussion et au partage. Merci pour tout.” Audrey D.G

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