Give a difference voice to your work by discovering theoretical and practical vision of my experience. Spending time by discussing about your doubts and fears. As we all know, this work can be quite lonely so it is a great option to feel connected to others. 

Every photographer goes through challenges - I do, too. The workshop was designed to guide you through discovering your voice, seeing things differently, seeing differently your business.

RESONANCE is for people who wants to have this extra push, motivation, connecting with photo friends and renew the inspiration.



I hope that if you are on this page, that is because you know my work or maybe I had the pleasure to meet you on my journey. Maybe you saw something in me or my work that you wanted to know, maybe intrigued. I don't have the habit to hide my knowledge and my desire is to share. 


Creative photographers in Wedding Business looking to know how to express their personalities. How to evolve in this business and find the right clients. Looking to hear their own voices and know how to sale it.

When and Where ?

The workshop will take place in Glasgow City Center.  

Glasgow propose easy connections all over Europe and tones of Hotels, Restaurants and Activities.

The day is going to be intense so we will find a local restaurant between 12 and 1.

Not communicated at the moment

How Many PEOPLE ?

I am hoping to have a small group, so spaces are limited from 6 to 8 people.

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What ?

RESONANCE is an intense one day workshop! From my experience, it is not about the time you are in this business, about social media or popularity. I created the workshop to know more about myself, express my vision and confront it to others. I love to share. Sharing my time, my knowledge and my passion with others  who can understand and want to know more about my work and what move me.


Inspiration, Personal development, Client Interaction, Destination Wedding, Marketing and Workflow, StoryTelling and Motivation. 


RESONANCE included meal and drinks. 


Jeff said :

"Eric aptly titled his Workshop RESONANCE, genuinely the man has no secrets when it comes to the wedding photography business and is happy to resonate his ideas through others, from tasteful demonstration of his creative styling and storyboard approach to the intricate details of the business itself, Eric had it covered, a fun, laid back day all in and I left feeling inspired and trigger happy."


Martin said :

"There were so many positives about the "RESONANCE" workshop, that I am not entirely sure where to start, not only was the entire setting for the workshop, including catering and lunch really nice, the content of the course was not only interesting but inspiring, on one level it reaffirmed me in some of my thoughts about working in this industry, but it has also given me so many new ideas as to how to express myself creatively, but also how to become more successful as an entrepreneur in a very competitive environment. What I really do think makes Eric's workshop unique over others, is how open and honest Eric is and how much of itself he brings into the session."

EARLY BOOKINGS at 250 Pounds

with lunch included and full day from 9am to 17pm
(Tickets are only refundable if you find a person to fill your seat).




Editing & Business Workflow: Lightroom and consistency

Social Media + Online Presence

Marketing + Pricing


Meal + Drink


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