“Be comfortable in your photo shoot.”

This little guidance is made to help you define the perfect day for your wedding or elopement. It does not have any obligation, It is just few advice to help me for your very special day. Thanks to my experience from over 100 weddings in the past 3 years and as a professional, I would be able to adapt my work to any situations. But please keep in mind that photograph quality also depends on light and location. I love light and I adore to play with it. That is probably why you have chosen. I would suggest you, for every moments of the D-Day, some indications to make this day even better.
The light : an experienced photographer with professional equipment will be able to work in any light condition, but nothing better than playing with daylight, natural light, coming from a window or bay window. For a photo shoot, if there are beautiful moments of light it is at sunrise and sunset. In summer, you will see a photo session at sunset 30 to 60 minutes before night, you will see that it is extraordinary to get images with this descending sunlight. So you will not crinkle the eyes and the charm of a rosy end of day will operate.

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The Location is a plus value when you are getting ready. It is important to wisely choose a place with a bit of soul and history. It can be in your house, in a hotel or special place of your choice : the best choice would be to find a sober and clean room, with a lot of light. I would suggest to clean the space from empty bags, or iron table, etc... 
A nice white room, with a nice coloured dress or a kimono would be perfect. It has be practical and confortable for you to make your preparations, make up and hairstyle as easy as possible. Trousers and socks are not the best for many reasons. The advise may be applied for you and the bridesmaids.
This special moment is generally shared with bridesmaids, sisters or mother, so please to limit the number of people in this room (depending of the size of the room). You would be join by MUA, Hairstylist and maybe videographer. 
You should choose with passion all the accessories of your day, it is very important to me to immortalise those items and I take a special care of it.

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If you have chosen an outside ceremony during summer, the best time would be before 2 or 3 hours before the sunset. The golden hour is always easier to manage and create the perfect motion and background.
If the ceremony is at 2pm in a environment with no shade, your guests are going to suffer from the heat. More, you may have shadows under eyes or nose. If you dont have the choice, you might consider planning the ceremony under the shade for a better light. 
If possible, put some space between the first seated people and yourself, to make it easier for me to make some close shots and to do not disturb your guests. 
If you plan to have microphone equipment, a small and discreet attached microphone will probably be the best option in terms of photographs.
The light is also very important. Even more if you are getting married inside a building. 

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On your wedding day, the best light possible is going to be about an hour before the sunset. I usually request 15-20 minutes after the ceremony and 15-20 minutes when the sunset is coming. 
It gives you the time to take a breath and work on different lights, locations and backgrounds. I will also have the time to scout the venue and find the best and sometimes crazy ideas. 
If the weather does not allow me to take some photographs, we can also plan another day for the couple session. More if I am travelling with you in another country. 
Those few minutes are really important for you. They are the time of the intimacy. I will take you away from your guests and family. 
Dont be afraid, I will help you with some guidance if needed. 
No worries about choosing posing, Be natural. Do not look at the objective, live this moment as for a walk between lovers. Be yourself with your attitudes, your romanticism to you. If you do not feel comfortable, I would make you take the appropriate and natural pose by performing for example movements.



The best advise I can give you is to prepare a list of group photographs. 
I know, that is not the best moment of the day for you but it is something I really care about. They are the memory of your day for family and friends. 
A list of 10-12 pictures is fine as I like to take pictures of the guests by wandering around them, catching their smiles and talking during the reception. 
I would need a copy of this list and if one of the best man would help me for this task, that would be even better. 
I try to make the group shots very different and talking about it, I am always happy to share ideas with you. 
The first picture gives the tempo. Hence, I would suggest to start with the grand parents. 
If you have lots of friends with young children, it might be good to plan bottles of water and games. 
The best time would be after the ceremony.

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Inside or Outside party and dinner time, it would be interested to work with candles or good light. Candles are just for decoration or you would need lots of them. Dont be afraid to use artificial light like guirlandes. 
For the first dance, I would be in touch with the band or DJ. I would need normal light if possible (laser lights are not the best). Yellow, Orange are perfect / Green, Blue, Purple and Pink are not the most faltering lights for skin tones. 
The best idea for the first light is a directional white projector. Which would help to extract you from the other light and would add this extract powerful shots.