Where are based out of ?
I am based in Glasgow but travel a lot with my work, I do LOVE IT.

Do you work internationally ?
Yes I do (Europe, Asia, North Africa) It is always a pleasure for me to travel.

Do you offer hourly wedding coverage ?
Of course. Explain the full day on a story is really really important to me and the best way to show the day what you will remember for the rest of your days.

Do you cover elopment ?
That is totally the kind of event I love to cover, they are small and more personal.

Do you cover only weddings ?
At 99% of my time, I cover weddings and sessions for couples. But I can occasionally cover different kind of events. Please to let me know what is your enquire with details and I will answer you quickly.


What is the best way to enquire ? 
If you wish to enquire the best way is to send me a message on Internet. Please to fill the details to have the best answer and give a lot of details about your project.

If the date is available, what should I do? 
If your Wedding Date is available, the next step is to arrange a meeting when I will discuss with you about the Big Day, your desire, tell you more about me and my vision of Wedding in Scotland and in general. Also about my experience as International Wedding Photographer. Also you gonna talk about the other session and plan it together. 

If I do not live in Scotland, are you able to discuss about the Wedding Day? 
As International Wedding Photographer, I am able to travel around Europe and wherever you wish. I like to discuss about you and your Big Day. Skype is always switch on.


Can you help us to find some ideas for the Engagement/Trash the dress Session? 
It depends on you for be honest, of course I have plenty of Ideas but you are free to ask for everything, everywhere, every time. As I am a honest person, just let me know if you have any ideas for the session. If you do not know, I can provide some examples of what I can do.

How can we plan it together ?
The best way is to discuss about the session on a meeting. To know what we can create together. It can be for a engagement session or a trash the dress session of course. I will probably try to challenge you to do something unusual. Do something you will remember. 


How can you see the Wedding Venue before the Wedding Day? Do you think that it is better to see the Venue before the Big Day? 
As a child I like to be surprise and discover the place with spontaneous mind, I do not need to see the place before or maybe by Internet links could be enough for me. I like to create the story of the day with the most important part of surprise and care about the details.

Do you plan to do group pictures and couple pictures and how long can be those tasks during the Wedding Day? 
It really depends of you, some weddings are quite big and the family enjoy to plan to do group pictures, I like to ask the bride and groom to prepare a list to follow for this time. Like that we can do group pictures as fast as we can. It leave more time for you to share the Big Day with your friends and Families.

For the couple pictures, I like to plan it just after the group pictures, that's a perfect time for you to have a breath of fresh air just as husband and wife, It is not long session by the way. Just 10/15 minutes just with you and me. I like as well to plan another session for the Sunset, We can create another atmosphere and the light is totally different. So 10 minutes is a good option as well for this second session.


When may I receive the Usb Stick with the Wedding Day Pictures? 
As maximum of a month after the Wedding Gallery, you will receive the usb stick in a box. I send you the usb stick in Recorded Delivery or We can plan a meeting as well if you wish.

How many pictures do you deliver usually? 
I retouch between 600 and 700 pictures for a wedding.

When will we get our images ? 
Four weeks after the wedding day maximum.

Do you edit all the pictures ? 
I propose a service and also my vision about your wedding day. As a storyteller, every pictures are different and can express different kind of feelings on the full story. So I select the best photographs for me to explain the day.